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Sober Dating Apps

As a single person in 2018, you have to use Tinder if you want to meet people. But what are you going to do if you want to stay sober? I met a few girls on Tinder, and they were all drunk before I even got to the date. So many people in Seattle are […]

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How I Stopped Drinking

Six months ago, I realized that I was drinking quite a lot. It was starting to get pretty bad. I was getting up in the morning and drinking, drinking immediately when I got home from work, hiding how much I was drinking from my roommate. I was getting drunk every day, often by myself. I […]

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5 Reasons it’s Lame to Be Single During the Holidays

Ah, it’s that time again. Holiday time! And this time of year definitely gets me thinking. Most of the time, I love being single. It’s the best! But holidays are not a great time to be by your lonesome. Here’s why. 1. Going to awkward work parties by yourself. Standing in the corner and being […]

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