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How I Stopped Drinking

Six months ago, I realized that I was drinking quite a lot. It was starting to get pretty bad. I was getting up in the morning and drinking, drinking immediately when I got home from work, hiding how much I was drinking from my roommate. I was getting drunk every day, often by myself. I never really had anything drastic happen. I didn’t get a DUI or lose my house or anything like that. But I realized that I was letting this substance control my life, and I wasn’t happy about it.

I went to a medical detox followed by a brief inpatient stay at The Recovery Village in Washington. At first, it was rough. The detox process was not a fun one. But everyone there was really nice, and the medical professionals helped me to get through it. During my inpatient stay, I had a lot of really great interactions with the addiction specialists there that were super helpful. I also met a lot of people in rehab that had it way worse than I had it.

I transitioned into an outpatient treatment program, and then I started going to SMART Recovery meetings. In these meetings, I found a new sense of self-worth and self-sufficiency. I found that I could believe in myself in ways that I never knew were possible. I stopped hanging out with all of my friends who just sat around and drank all of the time. I stopped hanging out with shady people.

I started reading positive literature. I started to fill my mind with positive stuff. And the results were amazing.

Now I’m way healthier than I ever was when I was drinking. I’m also a lot more optimistic about life and my opportunities. I have discovered that you don’t need alcohol to have fun. I don’t drink at all anymore, and I still have a fulfilling and full life, way more so than I ever did before. In fact, it’s a lot more fulfilling now.

So if you’re thinking that you could never stop drinking, I want to tell you that I did it, and I’m fine. Better than that, life is actually amazing now. And now my life is an alcohol-free zone.